Ignorant Theology is run by Anthony, an Australian, Theology Student. He is an ex-Protestant, having been received into the Eastern Orthodox Church in November 2018. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Theological Studies with no idea what he plans to do with it. He originally wanted to pursue a PhD in New Testament and Early Christian Studies so that he might work as as a scholar, lecturer and author, but he’s not so sure about that any more particularly because he doesn’t want to be ordained.

In his spare time, he likes to read, write, play guitar, cook, drink beer and play board games. He used to play too many video games but he realised that there are only so many hours in a day and death is drawing ever closer.

Ignorant Theology is a blog about his musings and reflections on Theology, Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Christianity and whatever else happens to grab his mind at the time. The name is a type of confession stemming from his sense of inferiority towards his intellectual peers and heroes. It is an homage to the Sisyphean reality of learning: when you begin to know a little, you think you know a lot, and once you know a lot, you realise you know very little. Tragically, the “a lot” that we know always seems less than the “a lot” that everyone else does.

Yet, as any person with Stockholm syndrome, he keeps coming back to learning and reading, even though he likely won’t be smarter than other people.